Published On: Sun, Mar 6th, 2016

The Kardashian trends factory


You may love to hate them but the five sisters are starting fashion and beauty trends that you can’t ignore


The Kardashian trend factory

Kim democratised contouring, a technique that gives shape to an area of the face and enhancing the facial structure through makeup. Not only Kim and now the rest of the clan swears by it but they also share regular tutorials on their websites



The Kardashian trend factory

The hottest hairstyle of the moment—boxer braids—owes its popularity to Kim K who donned it first for Halloween 2015 and then at New York Fashion Week 2016. Katy Perry, sister Khloe and model Gigi Hadid have followed the style


The Kardashian trend factory

The K/J sisters have such fashion clout now that they can make ridiculous trends catch on. Case in point: lampshading aka wearing oversized T-shirts and sweatshirts with thigh-high boots. It’s okay to roll out of bed and throw on a shirt



The Kardashian trend factory

Kim started the whole craze when she posted a photo on Instagram of her wearing a corset device. The device is intended to shape and define your waist by reshaping your body. The K/J sisters love their corsets



The Kardashian trend factory

Kim may have the most famous butt but little sister Kylie is catching up. In 2015 Kylie was the most googled beauty question. She may not have Kim’s ‘break the internet’ butt but the teenager has repopularised butt pads thanks to a belfie (a butt selfie, a term by Kim K) in a Spanx



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