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Kareena spills beans on how her career, married life going well together


Bollywood’s Begum, Kareena Kapoor Khan will be shooting for Rhea Kapoor’s production ‘Veere Di Wedding’ starring Sonam Kapoor while expecting her first child which is due in December.

Kareena spills beans on how her career, married life going well togetherThe actress feels this is a very normal aspect of her life and doesn’t even want the media to pay any special attention to her regarding this. In her latest interview, the actress spilled the beans on how she is one of the few actresses who has her career and happy married life going simultaneously well together. She also shared that Saif and she are on the same page as far as work and personal life goes and that he too would never expect her to give up her career for the sake of family. He also keeps telling her that if he’s going out to work then it would be selfish of him to not let her do the same. Sweet, isn’t it?

Kareena Kapoor Khan gives it back to her haters who questioned the actress’ integrity for not supporting the ‘Udta Punjab’ movement. The actress, in the latest interaction, lets her heart out on the ongoing issue of the film starring Shahid Kapoor, Diljit Dosanjh and Alia Bhatt in the lead. “Do not misinterpret support just because I am not on social media. What about people who are not there? Are they supposed to be shunned because they are not hashtagging people?” she questioned. In the past few days, the world has gone berserk over the Censor Board for demanding as many as 89 cuts in the film, post which the makers took the issue to The Bombay High Court. The decision was eventually ruled in favour of the film with just one cut. Kareena was nowhere to be seen. Many raised eyebrows on the actress keeping mum on the uproar, however, she has now cleared the air saying that just because she is not hashtagging people doesn’t mean she doesn’t support the film. Well said, Begum!

Ever since she tied the knot with the Prince of Bollywood and Nawab of Pataudi, Saif Ali Khan, Kareena seems to be in a very happy and content space. The actress seems to have become more carefree and secure in her approach towards her otherwise super-competitive profession where every next actress is seen running a rat race, trying to reach the finish line first. And guess who does Kareena attribute her life contentment to? Her charming hubby, Saif. During a recent media interaction, Bebo candidly spoke about her beautiful equation with Saif and said that there is something common in their DNA and they know how to calm each other down. “We have similar likes, dislikes and tastes, and enjoy similar things in life. There’s something in our DNA..that we both connected. There is sweet and sour, it’s like chalk and cheese, and sometimes it’s the best thing. We have this calming effect on each other. I know how to calm him down and he knows how to calm me down.” The actress, who has completed more than one-and-a-half decade in the glam world, even admitted that until a decade ago, her life revolved around films and career but after her marriage to Saif, she has learnt to live her life to the fullest.

Kareena spills beans on how her career, married life going well together (2)Kareena Kapoor, who has played diverse roles from a hippie in ‘Tashan’ to a breadwinner in ‘Ki & Ka,’ is ready to experiment with her looks but not to the extent of going bald to justify a character. Talking post her appearance at the Lakme Fashion Week, the diva spoke about experimenting with her looks and said that she is open to experimentation for fashion blogs, commercial films and other things as she believes in sticking to the character. However, she argues that experimenting just for the sake of experimenting is not her thing. While she holds that one has to do different styles or do strange things to their hair and make-up as per the requirement, she would never go to the extent of shaving off her hair even if the role demands it, as reported by IANS.

Now, this coming from the Begum of Bollywood and the queen of item numbers is shocking and interesting at the same time. Off late, we have seen Kareena Kapoor Khan making cameos (read doing item numbers) in big films like ‘Dabangg 2′, ‘Brothers’ and ‘Gabbar Is Back’ among others. Interestingly, her song-and-dance cameos have also been received well by the audience and her fans aren’t complaining either. However, Bebo says that the biggest credit goes to her husband, Saif Ali Khan, who has never stopped her from doing what she loves and enjoys doing. In her recent statement, Kareena said, “I have no qualms in doing item songs. For this, I would like to give all credit to my husband Saif Ali Khan. If Saif wouldn’t have given the permission then it wasn’t possible for me to do anything.” Isn’t this ‘Waaow’ guys?

There has been a lot of talk about Kareena Kapoor breaking her ‘no kissing’ policy post-marriage for R Balki’s ‘Ki & Ka’ where she stars opposite Arjun Kapoor. When she was asked about the same during a conversation with, she shared her views on how life changes for a person after marriage in India. She said one has to face a lot of restrictions after marriage and it appears as if you have sold your soul. However, Kareena was also quick to add that she is fortunate to have a husband like Saif Ali Khan who respects her profession and understands that if two people are playing a couple on screen, it is necessary for them to go intimate.

Kareena spills beans on how her career, married life going well together (3)It has been quite a few months since Aamir Khan gave his take on intolerance in India while giving a speech at the Ramnath Goenka Awards in November last year. The actor caused quite a stir with his remarks about the “rising intolerance” in India. But the actor continues to face brickbats for the same. While few people from the film industry have criticized Aamir, Kareena Kapoor has come out in support of him. During a chat with DNA, the actress has opined that Aamir hasn’t said anything wrong as he was just addressing his wife’s fear. She is also quoted saying that the actor didn’t intend to cause any damage.

Unlike her contemporaries Kareena, loves discussing her family – the much talked-about Kapoor khandaan. In an interview with Mumbai Mirror, the gorgeous actress, who is gearing up for the release of her next, ‘Ki & Ka,’ says, “Saif describes us as a crazy, Italian mafia family. There are always 30 dishes on the table and everybody is focussed on the food and drinks. My family is the best thing in my life and no matter which part of the world I am, I will always make it to birthdays and anniversaries. I feel most grounded and connected, when my grandmother (Krishna Raj Kapoor) is around.”

Kareena Kapoor Khan is gearing up for the promotions and release of her next, ‘Ki & Ka,’ but it seems like she is far from nervous about it. The confident actress is sure about her position in the industry and doesn’t feel threatened. In an interview with, when asked if she would want to follow Deepika and Priyanka to Hollywood, Kareena firmly denied it. She said that Los Angeles wasn’t for her. Kareena then went on to praise Priyanka by saying that she was proud of the manner in which Priyanka had put India out there. However, she maintained that her priorities were different and that she didn’t see Hollywood as an avenue. She further asserted that she wants to be an actor, a wife and a lot of other things in life.

There are a whole lot of qualities people loook for while choosing a life-partner. But as far as Kareena Kapoor is conerned, she is very clear. During a conversation with Miss Malini, the actress showed no qualms in confessing that the first thing she looks for in a man is his looks. However, she was quick to add that a man has to be a combination of everything. She gave an example of husband Saif Ali Khan while praying his intelligence and culture.

Kareena Kapoor: Returning awards won’t solve the problem

Kareena Kapoor is known for speaking her mind. Commenting on the recent trend of filmmakers and writers returning awards, Bebo said she’d prefer addressing the issue rather than returning the award, as the latter won’t solve anything, reported DNA. She also went on to say that the issue is not personal, but affects the nation as a whole, and hence, needs to be spoken against.

Kareena Kapoor: Happy with my paycheques

Kareena spills beans on how her career, married life going well together (4)While B Town celebs are making hype over female actors not being paid well, Kareena Kapoor Khan is happy with her paycheques. Talking about the issue in a recent interview, the 35-year-old actress said that everyone has raised a hue and cry about salaries but she never had an issue, was reported. The Bajrangi Bhaijaan star further said that she isn’t complaining that she is not paid well in fact she is happy with it.

Kareena also added that script is more important to her than the pay cheques. She also talked about how her sense of script has improved over the years…

While Bajrangi Bhaijaan continues to win hearts, Kareena Kapoor Khan is gearing up for R Balki’s Ki and Ka, wherein she will be seen alongside Arjun Kapoor. In an interview with DNA, the actress said that her sense of script is improving. As Kareena will be seen in Abhishek Chaubey’s Udta Punjab, she said that after Chameli andJab We Met, this role and film are closest to her heart. She further added that she immediately said yes to the film and that she is ready to work with younger talented directors now.

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‘Two years from now, I’ll be a mom!’

Kareena Kapoor Khan is on a new high with the success of her latest release Bajrangi Bhaijaan. In an interview with, the actress spoke at length about her close relationships. When asked if she is protective of Karisma now that she’s single again, Kareena said that more then her, Saif is protective of her. Talking about her marriage, Bebo feels she has matured with this relationship and has become more responsible towards family. On her relationship with Saif’s children, Kareena said she keeps calling them to come over, but they they have their own social circle. Asked when she will have her own children, the actress said she is not ready; two years from now, she’ll be a mom.

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‘There can’t be any other Kareena’

Kareena spills beans on how her career, married life going well together (5)Kareena Kapoor Khan is killing it in the ‘Mary‘ song from Brothers. Her moves are in place and she is looking absolutely fabulous in the shimmery golden number. She is seen seducing Sidharth Malhotra in the song. In an interview, Sidharth was quoted as saying that he wishes there was a younger version of Kareena as he would love dating her. In response to this, Kareena said that there can’t be any other Kareena. Explaining her statement further, she said that it is not due to anything else, but because she strongly feels that everyone should have their own personality. She revealed that she had read that interview, and felt it’s a compliment. She added that she felt very special.

‘To win or lose an opportunity is my problem’

Kareena Kapoor Khan recently walked out of Raj Kumar Gupta’s next, titled Section 84. Talking about the same in an interview with, she said she doesn’t understand why is there such a big hue and cry about her not doing the film. Owning up her decision to walk out, she added that to win or lose an opportunity is her problem. She thinks it is totally irresponsible of people to go on and on about her walking away from a film.

‘I am a little mad even in real life!’

Speaking about her mad roles, in an interview with, Kareena had said that she played a bratty young Parsi girl in Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu, and in Gori Tere Pyaar Mein, she was slightly mad. When asked if she enjoys playing characters that are extrovert, chirpy and have a mad streak, she was quick to reply that it’s because she is a little mad person even in real life.

‘Saif needs someone to keep him grounded’

In an interview with, Kareena spoke at length about hubby Saif Ali Khan. She agreed that he’s always been a little detached and that’s what makes him the kind of actor he is. Post marriage, Kareena thinks Saif has become more responsible. He’s become more grounded and somewhere has a sense of belonging. He belongs to her, he feels that commitment, he feels answerable, she said. She added that Saif needs someone to keep him grounded. They like each other’s company and it’s very important for partners to enjoy each other’s company more than physicality, she said.

‘Sara is my bar hopping partner’

Trust Kareena Kapoor to come up with the most amusing statements. While talking about her equation with Saif Ali Khan’s daughter in an interview with Filmfare, Kareena said that she enjoys her equation with Sara. She also said that Sara is like her bar hopping partner and because of their girly equation, Saif refuses to go out with them. She further added that Sara is a bright girl and she wished she could be as well read as her.

Kareena spills beans on how her career, married life going well together (6)

‘Saif and I will see the world with our children’

In an interview with Femina magazine, Kareena spoke about aging gracefully. She said that she thinks she is the biggest advocate of ageing gracefully. She loves the lines of a face as they describe the life one has lived. She added that grey hair makes you look very elegant, and she is happy to grow old naturally. Speaking about family, she further said that she has been lucky to experience both professional success and a fulfilling personal life. So hopefully, she would be having a family of her own. Saif and she would continue to live in India, but they will see the world with their children, she added.

‘I get paid very well’

Talking about films that stereotype actresses, in an interview with, Kareena said that what works for one actor may not work for another, every actor is different. She further said that she doesn’t think she can be part of a film like The Dirty Picture. She also admitted that she doesn’t have the courage and boldness to do such films. For her, it is a challenge to be part of a film like Golmaal 3 and still have a great role. She further said that it is unfair to constantly make comparisons; while adding that she gets paid very well and has no complaints.

Kareena Kapoor recommends marriage to Ranbir-Katrina

Kareena spills beans on how her career, married life going well together (7)Kareena Kapoor Khan had left Ranbir Kapoor flushing when she had said on Karan Johar’s chat show that she would dance to all item songs of Katrina Kaif during their wedding. This time around, the Begum Khan has recommended marriage to them! In a conversation with Filmfare, Kareena said that she doesn’t know if and when is the wedding, but she can only react when Ranbir himself tells her about it. She added that they make an amazing pair and Katrina makes a brilliant girl for him. Wishing the best for them, Bebo recommended marriage to the couple in love. Heaping praises on Katrina, Kareena said that she is a lovely girl. She added that Katrina is extremely glamorous and she has a soft corner for glamorous people.

‘Shahid Kapoor’s wedding is not a soap opera’

Shahid Kapoor’s wedding was the talk of the town in July 2015. In an interview with Hindustan Times, Kareena Kapoor Khan spoke about Shahid Kapoor’s wedding and said that it’s not a soap opera. The actress was quoted saying that she hasn’t been invited to the wedding. However, she wished Shahid on his D-Day and also said that she is sure Saif feels the same. The report further quoted Kareena as saying that it’s a moment of happiness for Shahid and it shouldn’t be turned into a soap opera.

‘When I was doing five films, Saif was doing two and now it’s vice versa’

In an interview, when Kareena was asked if she is matching diaries with Saif to be able to work with him, she said that their diaries are being matched for their vacation in August and September. She further said that Saif and she have enough time and space apart, they need enough time together also. She had been shooting in Goa and Hyderabad since March 2015. Saif had been working in Los Angeles and Detroit. She also said that when she was doing five films, he was doing two. Now that he is doing five films, she is doing two.


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