Published On: Sat, Feb 27th, 2016

Khalil Karbani secures Alberta Liberal Party nomination for Calgary Greenway Bi-Elections


If one is to compare current candidates for this riding and their community services, Khalil Stands Tall. Photo of Khalil Karbani.


Both candidates in Alberta Liberal nomination for Calgary Greenway Bi-Elections have excellent resumes, Saima Jamal and Khalil Karbani known for their community work, but in the end Khalil won nomination by getting 630 plus votes.

If one is to compare current candidates for this riding and their community services, Khalil Stands Tall

He has been President of Taradale community association for a long time, he literally helped build Genesis Centre with his own hands he was heavily involved building the airport tunnel project, he is very vocal about immigration issues.  His opponents have their work cut out for them and he will be a tough candidate to beat, having said that, in the N.E region religion plays a major role on how a candidate with move forward so one cannot bet entirely on merits.

If he is elected, he would be first Muslim with beard in legislation. Therefore, Muslims in Greenway are going to push it very hard to place him in legislation.

With current situations the PC Party is in it leaves Alberta Liberals to face Wild Rose and NDP. The PC may not play a major role and had PC not have behaved the way they behaved in the past the PC party would have been in a better place than it is in now. In the past three years the PC has become the Political Pinata– they are getting beat up from all over the place, they need a permanent leader to steer it right and get the party out of this political storm that it get itself into.

Mr. Ric McIver is seasoned and a well liked politician, when he got elected as party leader, PC was in the worst situation it has ever been. It will take a long time to set things right, he now understands the inner politics the PC Party faces where few people have hijacked local PC party associations and used different methods to barge volunteers to take part in the nominations. Reversing Greenway decision is good move, but the damage is already done and PC party will feel its effects on election day.

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