Published On: Sat, Oct 31st, 2015

King Khan is going to be 50



Shah Rukh Khan, the king of Bollywood, is going to become 50 in a couple of days. All and sundry wants to be him, but the superstar doesn’t desire to be himself. Bewildering, don’t you suppose?

Giving an interview SRK unveils that he would adore waking up a diverse individual every day. He stated that “For 25 years I’ve wanted to be 70 different people in the morning. I don’t want to be me. So if I loved myself so much, why would I be an actor?”

His contemporary desire is to be Batman.

King Khan gets up desiring to be each hero conceivable, but never himself. He further added that “If I wanted to wake up as myself every morning, I wouldn’t be an actor. I want to be Batman in the morning. I want to be Superman. I want to be Raj, Rahul, the guy in the blood-spattered white vest with a gun in his hand and a girl by his side,”

Although the wish of the superstar is to play the role of James bond, and he revealed that his most wanted Bond movie is Moonraker (1979).

Shah Rukh’s tough timetable compelled Victoria’s Secret model Shanina Shaik and the Vogue team to fly down to Hyderabad, India for the magazine photo shoot.

Even though he may wish to get up a dissimilar individual every morning, there’s no refuting SRK does adore the superstardom. “I’m an international movie star,” he states sensing gifted and proud.

Yet that doesn’t guarantee any person a cause to speak regarding his life. He considers one must be courteous towards others, in spite of whether it is a celebrity or an average person. “The justification that I’m a civic figure and you can utter everything regarding me is bullshit. I’m very reverential of people. Tahzeeb cheez hoti hai. If I congregated with your mother, I’d be respectful to her even if I hated you,” says the superstar.


“in public, I’m tremendously confident but sometimes I get ‘weirded’ out by all the notice,” he inserts.

“I can’t contempt the truth that there are these people out there… not just the shattering, selfie-loving fans but people who appear to beyond doubt love me. I can observe it when the aunties come and the mothers come and the children come. They hug me, and every so often they begin crying. I don’t identify which is which… so I create it a point to meet everybody with a lot of love.”

Simply one man can accurately sum up what SRK is — longtime buddy Karan Johar: “You can’t give details about Shah Rukh Khan. You can merely understand him.”


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