Published On: Fri, Jun 24th, 2016

KRK is another Salman Khan, always landing in trouble for being a motormouth.


Kamaal R Khan aka KRK is one guy who is not scared of anybody. The self-proclaimed actor and film critic often lands in trouble for his remarks on film personalities that are laden with foul language, and also his movie reviews that are crass. This time, KRK is in trouble for defaming director Vikram Bhatt, who has filed a case against the Deshdrohi actor.

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KRK being the shameless KRK, he announced Bhatt’s lawsuit on Twitter, sharing the legal document. KRK said on Twitter, “Great director Vikram Bhatt has filed defamation case against me. Lol! Sir I will meet you in the court with proof.”

KRK claims Vikram Bhatt tried to pimp

KRK further claimed that he has proof that Bhatt played pimp for actress Meera Chopra. “I just want to inform Mr. Vikram Bhatt that Meera Chopra herself told me the whole story. I didn’t say anything from my side in that review,” KRK tweeted, adding, “Now I will reveal in the court that how Vikram Bhatt tried to supply Meera Chopra to a well known producer by many dirty tricks.”

KRK concluded his troll with the words, “Sir Vikram Bhatt, Kasam Se Mazaa Aayega. Ab Toh Mahabharat Hokar Rahega. Jung Apne Shuru Ki Hai Aur Khatam Main Karoonga. Enjoy sir Ji.”

KRK called war on Vikram Bhatt with his last tweet. Now it remains to be seen what happens between the two in court. But KRK is another Salman Khan, always landing in trouble for being a motormouth. Salman, too, is recently in a controversy for his comment on feeling like a “raped woman” after shooting for heavy duty wrestling scenes in his movie Sultan. Wonder what KRK has to say to Salman!

Vikram Bhatt, meanwhile, is unperturbed with KRK’s threats. He is tweeting about a new film he has begun shooting and is happy.

KRK claims Vikram Bhatt tried to pimp

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