Published On: Fri, Dec 11th, 2015

Kuwaiti pilot ‘sings Hakunu Matata’ with Chloe Khan


Sometimes pilots get bored. Sometimes pilots just want to have some fun. And sometimes if they are lucky- they get to have a beautiful women on board and willingly want to enjoy with them in the cockpit for some good laughs and singing songs. That’s what happened in the past week with a Kuwaiti pilot and model named Chloe Khan.

The pilot had his license revoked after an investigation followed reports of him entertaining an ex-porn star model, Chloe Khan and her friend inside the cockpit during a trans-Atlantic flight, a minister told a local daily in a recent interview.

The pilot was demoted to an assistant level, Minister of Communication and Minister of State for Municipal Affairs Issa Al-Kanderi told Al-Jarida.

The model, Chloe Mafia — who is also known as Chloe Khan — is known for her appearances on the UK talent show X-Factor. She was ousted from the program in 2010 following drug and escort work allegations which she vehemently denied.


Chloe Khan taking selfies while in cockpit.

In a video of the incident seen by Al Arabiya News, Chloe was taking one selfie after another, which she published on her official social media account. On her official Facebook page, she provided her fans with some details of the cockpit incident, but gave a full account to the British Daily Star tabloid.

New heightened measures were also taken against allowing travelers to enter the cockpit and punishing pilots who smoke inside by revoking their licenses.

According to Chloe, the

“captain smoked 40 cigarettes throughout the journey, sang The Lion King’s Hakuna Matata and Toni Braxton’s Unbreak My Heart.” 



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