Published On: Tue, Apr 12th, 2016

Lego keyrings, bras on the back of doors and hanging soap from the shower rail: Mums share even more clever household ‘hacks’ to make your life easier


The internet has brought about so many things that have altered the way the world works, including the life-changing and time-saving invention of household hacks.

The ‘hacks’ are just inventive ways for everyday tasks that will save time and money, but the internet laps them up.

And now more of the hacks have been shared on Facebook, with parents especially getting very excited about how they can organise their household better.

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Brick-a-brack: Once household hack showed how to use a lego brick attached to a keyring to organise keys in a cute and clever way

Cleaning up: Another tip demonstrated how using metal clips attached to shower curtain rings can organise all your bathing products so they're easily accessible

You'd be potty not to try: For simple storage of pot and pan lids, use plastics hooks to store them on the inside of cupboard doors

One popular post shows how you can never lose your keys again by attaching thin Lego bricks to a keyring for each set of keys.

Then attach a lego board to the wall and the keys can all hang up in a row, making them easy to find and all in one place.

Another easy organisational fix shows how you can use metal clips attached to shower curtain rings to keep your shampoo, conditioner and other products neat and tidy.

Never forget the chicken again: One mum shared her tip for easier shopping, showing how she kept her grocery list written on the fridge in whiteboard marker. She said to simply snap a photo on your phone before you shop

Magnetic attraction: Other tips demonstrated how the power of magnets can be used to organise the inside of fridges more efficiently

Time for a cold one: Using strong magnets attached to the roof of your fridge, you can store bottles or small jars easily and save space

One post advises using whiteboard markers to write shopping lists on the Fridge door. When you’re going out to do grocery shopping simply snap a picture of the fridge door and never forget something at the supermarket again!

Other fridge themed tips show how you can use magnets to make storage easier. Gluing magnets to the bottom of small containers means that they can be attached to the walls of the fridge, saving space.

Another similar hack shows how to suspend beer bottles and small jars from the roof of your fridge using a strip of strong bottleloft magnets.

Bra-vo: One wardrobe tip showed how attaching coathangers vertically meant you could store bras without fuss

Hat's off: Another post demonstrated a DIY hat organiser using only a coathanger and plastic rings

Back to school: One mum shared a picture of her children's school stations, where she stores their backpacks, beanies and shoes for the school day so they're never lost

Some wardrobe-based hacks include using coathangers attached vertically to each other to store bras.

Another tip showed how you can construct a DIY cap organiser to hang up, ensuring you’re never without sun protection again.

A cleaver mum also showed in one picture how to set up a station to organise children’s school backpacks, beanies and shoes with minimal fuss- and cute framed photos of each child.

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