Published On: Thu, Nov 26th, 2015

Lollywood needs another “Chocolate Hero”


The Chocolate Hero, Waheed Murad, left us on 23 November 1983 at the age of 45. It has been 32 years since the poster boy of the stylish Pakistani movie zest left us. He has served for a small time, but cinema advertisement, VHS, home DVD, and a versatile Pakistani playback singer, Ahmed Rushdi, songs and beyond all, the numerous reminiscences connected with the man who may be distinct fame in the country commemorated him. The hero who was famous by his names as “Chocolaty Hero” or “Chocolate Hero”, begun his acting career as a leading hero in 1962 and went on to work in approximately 124 movies which were including the most admired, for example, Armaan, Zanjeer, Zameer, and others.

At the present the film industry is regaining again and it is his very legacy that he is still an inspiration for the novices and his performance is playing the leading light. Waheed Murad was an icon who has no equivalent and that is the major cause why paid him tribute across the country on the juncture of his 32nd death anniversary on Monday. Two ceremonies were conducted in Lahore to give reverence to the gigantic.

Alhamra Punjab Institute of Language Art and Culture (PILAC) organized jointly a ceremony in association by the All Pakistan Waheed Murad Lovers Club. Prominent movies major players, for example, Bahar Begum, Ghulam Mohiuddin, Jarrar Rizvi, Pervaiz Kalim and PILAC Director Dr. Sughra Sadaf were getting reminisce loving memories of the era when Waheed was there amid us.

The legendary actress of Pakistan, Zeba, told it is the very personality of Waheed whose allure has not dull regardless of decades lapsing history. “I was the one who compelled him into initiating a film career and I am lucky to have paired up with him for countless hits. I have no qualms about the fact that he was the best,” she stated.

Eminent actress of Lollywood, Bahar explained on Waheed’s massive input to Pakistani movies and told that he styled our cinema by his implausible prudence. Ghulam agreed and further stated, “Waheed was an acting institution in him. He was exclusive in his chic and loom and this is the major cause why his movies are still alive in the hearts and minds of the people.”

The second ceremony was organized at Lahore Press Club where experienced artist Habib was the guest of tribute. The occasion was envisaged by the All Pakistan Waheedi Organization. Throughout his extended talking that was interspersed by both watery eyes and broad smiles, Habib told if someone inquires what the word ‘hero’ signifies in Pakistan, the reply to that is Waheed Murad. “He was a man of honor. A man who was sincere to his work and had a hold over everything that had to do with acting.” Habib stated it was not anything other than Waheed’s character that shouldered movies to the apex at that time. “At present the industry needs another Waheed. The original boost was provided by the man who now rests in his grave,” he further stated. Providing a relative summary of Waheed’s supremacy on movie culture around the region, he told Bollywood attained much yet it was never capable of providing a Waheed Murad to the world.

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