Published On: Wed, May 25th, 2016

Low-effort strategy to help people remember



Researchers have revealed that ‘Cue-based reminders can give a no-cost, low-effort strategy to assist people to remember to accomplish the tasks that inclined to fall through the cracks in daily life’,

Whether it is paying the electricity bill or getting the clothes out of the dryer machine, there are numerous everyday chores that we completely aim to accomplish and then rapidly forget about.

Latest research recommends that connecting these tasks to particular signs that we will come across at the right place and the right time can assist us to memorize to pursue by.

Todd Rogers, who is the Psychological Scientist, from Harvard Kennedy School, stated that “People are more likely to follow through on their good intentions if they are reminded to do so by noticeable cues that appear at the exact place and time in which a follow-through can occur”,

Rogers and Katherine Milkman, who is the Co-Author, from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania assumed that ‘reminders through association’ can be an instrument for remembering and pursuing through.

By plan, these cue-based reminders don’t depend on any technology except the human mind and they have transported accurately when we require them.

Data gathered from clients at a coffee shop propose that the ‘reminders through association’ approach can also be helpful for organizations that desire to assist their customers to remember to pursue through on intentions.

Above the term of one business day, 500 clients were provided a slip that would be applicable at the coffee shop two days afterward. Just a few clients were said that a stuffed alien would be sitting close to the cash catalog to remind them to employ their slip.

Almost 24 percent of the clients who were provided a sign kept in mind to employ their slip contrasted to just 17 percent of the clients who got no signal – a 40 percent enlarge in slip usage.

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Rogers and Milkman wish to construct on this research to discover whether reminders by the link can also be helpful for increasing advancement to medical and further health-related regimens.

The research was presented in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science.

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