Published On: Wed, Apr 27th, 2016

Maalik is facing controversies



The military drama film Malik by Ashir Azeem is facing hardships; April 26 later than the movie was banned for almost three months by the Sindh Board of Film Censors (SBFC). Though, in a dramatic twist of events, the SBFC return on their verdict as the decision was upturned within the span of some hours.

A copy of the notification, which is released by the SBFC, stated that the verdict to ban the movie was taken later than an “inspection” of the film was accomplished at a local cinema and it was located that Maalik was being displayed devoid of the removal suggestions by the censor board.

The major discussion point was that how the word ‘CM’ (Chief Minister) was thought to be beeped or detached from the movie before its display in theaters.


The entire issue was “needlessly blown out of proportion”, Abdul Razzaq Khuhawar who is the Secretary of SBFC, illustrated that the verdict to hang Maalik was made considering the Sindh Motion Picture Act 2011.

The SBFC is more inspecting on social media avenues pursuing the verdict, thinking that the film has been displaying for the past three weeks. Protecting the SBFC’s position, Khuhawar stated that they just learnt that the film was being displayed devoid of the essential alterations just some days before and had acted rapidly on the news.

“Unfortunately, the post of Inspector at SBFC has been vacant for quite some time so we don’t have someone who can visit cinemas to check if the films are being screened as per the guidelines. It was only after we visited a local cinema that we came to know about what was happening.”

He also elucidated that distributors and producers of the movie had been said prior to elimination the words ‘CM’ from the film. Khuhawar explained that “When we informed them about the excisions made by the SBFC panel they had agreed to all of them as only after that could the film have been cleared for release,”

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