Published On: Tue, Oct 11th, 2016

Many private schools ignore ministry’s directives, increase fees in Saudi Arabia


Many private schools ignore ministry’s directives, increase fees in Saudi Arabia

Ignoring the Ministry of Education’s directive, many private schools in Saudi Arabia have upped their annual fees further increasing financial burden on parents.

Ministry officials have recently assured parents that no school would be allowed to increase the fees without its permission.

Parents have expressed their amazement over the substantial increase in private school fees this year compared to previous years and urged the ministry to keep a watch on them and take action against them for exorbitantly hiking fees without any genuine reason.

“The ministry should also follow up academic performance of private schools to make sure they are moving in the right direction,” said one parent while speaking to Al-Riyadh Arabic daily.

Meanwhile, school managers said they were forced to increase fees due to rising salaries of teachers and administrative staff. They also blamed the hike in fees on rising cost of living.

Teachers are no longer ready to accept low salaries. As a result schools have to keep experienced teachers to improve quality or appoint fresh teachers who may accept lower salaries.

Shayie Al-Yazidi, director of private education at the Education Department in the Asir region, said: “We’ll not allow any private school to increase fees without our approval.” According to him, there is a standard procedure to get fees hike approved.

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