Published On: Fri, Sep 23rd, 2016

Marriage can keep you slim: Study


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Marriage is a great blessing of God but many people feel it a burden. Many are of the view that the marriage destroys the fitness and health levels and disturb their figure but they are very wrong because some researchers are of the view that marriage can play a great role in maintaining the fitness levels and keep people in shape. The researchers say that married people are much probable to stay in shape compared to those who remain single, it is stated by the Japanese researchers. A new research study has discovered that married men are less expected to undergo metabolic syndrome — a mixture of diabetes, high blood pressure, and fatness which harms the blood vessels — even though the similar does not affect to women.

Yoshinobu Kondo who is the lead researcher of the study from Yokohama City University continued by quoting that “Our findings show that being married and living with one’s spouse reduces the risk of being overweight by approximately 50% among patients with Type 2 diabetes,” Yoshinobu Kondo further added by stating that “Men who were married and lived with their spouse also exhibited a risk reduction of 58% for metabolic syndrome.”

The researchers of the study further added that married couples are much probable to eat healthier and take their medication on time. The research study included 270 people with Type 2 diabetes, involving 180 married and 90 single, with a standard age of 65. The body mass index of the contributors was intended and the fat content of every person’s body was measured. The married cluster was 50% less probable to be heavy when contrasted to the single group, the results of the research study illustrated.

The research study was cited by the European Association for the Study of Diabetes meeting in Munich, Germany.



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