Published On: Wed, Dec 9th, 2015

Marriage is a big deal: Hamza Ali Abbasi



The stunning Afzal from Pakistani drama ‘Payare Afzal’ and well-known actor from Pakistani entertainment industry said that he is no ready for marriage yet. Sorry ladies but we have found out that Hamza Ali Abbasi, a single bachelor in town, isn’t prepared for matrimony.

But it didn’t stop here. It comes into sight that the heartthrob is also in love!

Pakistani theater, film and television actor, model and director, Hamza, arrived on a Pakistani morning show some months before where it was inquired that if there is any reality to reports of his link ups that keep cropping up, and if he is getting married anytime soon.

But 31-year-old bachelor stated that “I kind of have a soft corner for this woman. She is not comfortable with me saying her name. But marriage is a big deal.”

It was rapidly inquired by the host that “Is she one of those women you have been linked up with? Was there someone before her too?”

 And the winner of Lux Style Award for Satellite Best TV Actor replied that “No. This is recent. Obviously, I am not a saint. I have had relationships in the past. Laikin yeh Bhi Nahi kay koi jumma bazaar laga Hua tha.

Then there was a question that why did those relationships end?

He further stated that “I can’t get married at this point in time. Women are very emotional. Their number one goal is marriage. But I can’t do that right now for a lot of reasons so they get disappointed,”

Now there is a question for the heartthrob, Hamza, that when you are prepared for this!

There is another question too that who is that woman though for whom Hamza has a “soft spot”? And whether she is still in his heart?


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