Published On: Wed, Jan 27th, 2016

Marriage is not for diamonds but for love: Priyanka Chopra



The leading actress of Bollywood, Priyanka Chopra, is enjoying her popularity by making captions all around. Initially, she has debuted in the American well-known show Quantico and then planning to debut in Hollywood film, but fans are surprised that whether her personal life suffers in the process.

Whereas she has always been characteristically ambiguous regarding the presence of a man in her life, as she said her perception regarding her wedding in an interview, “Who says I don’t have a partner? I might not be with him because I am travelling”

She shared her views that “I have always wanted babies. Lots of them. For that reason I want to get married, It is not fair to bring a child to this world without marriage. Society is mean like that. I want to get married but no one can claim me until someone really claims me.”

She also said that she doesn’t want to marry just for a ring but for a healthy bond: “A guy will be in my life only when I am in love. I don’t need a guy for anything else except for children,” she goes over “I buy my own diamonds. When a guy comes into my life it will not be for diamonds.”

She further continued about the difficulties of falling in love, “Heartache is a b*tch, man. There is no good way to end a relationship” and “If my man cheated, I would probably beat the shit out of him first. Depending on how much I love him, I may forgive or not forgive.”

She also disclosed that she always tries to be silent regarding her relationships: “I’ve never flaunted my relationships, I have protected them. I believe in Buri Nazar. So if something is important to you, keep it close to your heart.”


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