Published On: Fri, Sep 23rd, 2016

Masuma Anwar is contented with manly voice


When the Pakistan’s legend Abida Parveen states that she does not connect with any gender, no one challenges to inquire her over this line of thought. When Javed Bashir and Masuma Anwar’s Jhalliya released, there were numerous who busy in our favorite national sport, as well named mockery. Rather than welcoming Anwar for her incredible vocal prowess, we were amused at how masculine her voice actually is.

Anwar is getting these for years and years. She told in an interview “I am proud of this voice of mine that’s called manly,”


For the person who has no desires of becoming a luminary in the well-known sense, the retort to Jhalliya has been phenomenal. She said “I have a sense of humor. One should be aware of one’s own potential and I am proud of what I have achieved,”

She received calls from Coke Studio four when she was in med school but wasn’t prepared at that time. Now Anwar has completed her specialization and is a practicing pediatrician today. In this time, she was also able to put together as many as four studio albums, make her Bollywood singing debut and make her mind regarding concurrently dealing with the stethoscope and the microphone.


She explained “We have at least 30, 35 doctors in the family so I never had any doubts about doing medicine,” she further added “9am to 3pm is my hospital time. Then it’s just me and my son.”

She expecting when she finalized her Coke Studio debut to Faakhir Mehmood, “I actually did not have a single rehearsal. Faakhir asked me to sing any song in a high-pitched voice and send it to him,” Progress was made through Whatsapp voice notes “I was asked to practice the chorus on loop and then send a recording of my vocals. I did that and soon I was on stage singing with Javed Bashir.”

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