Published On: Fri, Aug 14th, 2015

Meet Birdman- Pakistan’s first ever Wingsuit pilot!


The extreme sport of wing suit skydiving is something we all have heard of, but are quite vague on what exactly it is or who can do it. It certainly is a sport for the adventurous and daring ones and must be approached with skills and caution. We were contacted by a man by the name of Waqar Baig who at this point is the only professional Pakistani in the world to have mastered this skill of this extreme sport.

Mr. Waqar Baig is from Multan, Pakistan and had to complete at least 200 skydives to fully learn to skill of wing suit.

Mr. Waqar Baig is from Multan, Pakistan and had to complete at least 200 skydives to fully learn to skill of wing suit.


He answered some questions for us regarding his passion and why he fell in love with this and why.


” The passion comes into me when I used to see 23 March parade with my mother in my childhood and used to see SSG skydivers landing in parade. So, that fascinated me a lot and then I started it here as in Pakistan, only SSG commandos do it, no civilians are allowed. It is not easy to get wingsuit, you should have atleast 200 skydives and good control of stability in air an after tests they allow you to wear it. As wingsuit is more dangerous than skydiving in case of trouble” 






We asked him, what was he hoping to accomplish by doing this extreme sport, he went on to say

“I hope to start these sports in Pakistan for civilians after becoming an expert. As in Pakistan, no one is up for extreme sports except Hazara Markhor boys. Now a days, there are skydiving and wingsuit world championships. I hope that Pakistani should also be represented in them in future. I have now good level of training from world class experts of skydiving and I wish if I can help SSG skydivers in this with my expertise if they require it.”

Mr. Baig added on to say that he hopes to inspire others

“Yes, I hope it will inspire others. People look at my previous videos, and want to do it and ask questions about it. These inspirations can help to start this sport in Pakistan. A few Pakistanis here in Europe started it after looking at my passion.


Mr. Baig is currently doing his PhD in Electronics Engineering and from TU/e Netherlands.


It is quite amazing to see someone come from such a humble beginning to take up a sport which is regarded by many as being one of the most dangerous sports in the world.




Mr. Baig has multiple videos on his Facebook page, he told us if anyone would to be interested to know more about him or even see exclusive videos of him, click this link.


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