Published On: Tue, Oct 18th, 2016

Meet the man behind Shumaila Bhatti: A solution to all desi girls’ problems


Meet the man behind Shumaila Bhatti A solution to all desi girls’ problems (2)

KARACHI: In case you’re living under a rock and haven’t heard of Shumaila Bhatti aka Desi Bombshell, the latest social media sensation is taking the internet by storm.

Hidden behind the guise of a Snapchat filter, Shumaila voices the concerns of all desi girls from different strata of our society, particularly the middle-class.

She rose to fame with her on-point observation of relationships that she rants about through her video series. But what makes her different is that she not only highlights the problems but also provides solutions with her famous tagline ‘moral of the story’.

Our addiction to her super entertaining videos led us to the quest of uncovering the mastermind behind Shumaila. And here you go! Introducing the guy behind the voice of million girls, Muhammad Moiz.

Hailing from Abbottabad, Moiz is a doctor by profession who is currently a Fulbright scholar at George Washington University, studying MPH in Global Health Policy.

Meet the man behind Shumaila Bhatti A solution to all desi girls’ problems

Speaking to The Express Tribune, Moiz explained his sense of humour saying, “I don’t tell jokes. I just state how a particular type of person would say something in a given situation.”

Moiz describes Shumaila as a “quintessential middle-class Pakistani young woman with spikes of confidence and insecurities.” However, she isn’t the only character he plays. You can see him as “a typical desperate dude, an elitist protected politically correct yankee and a desi babe” on his Snapchat account (desi.bombshells).

“Out of all the characters, Shumaila was liked the most and my friends kept on insisting that I share her videos on Facebook. They thought it was hilarious and fresh, so I took the risk ventured in to a Vlog,” said Moiz, who has managed to gain over 50,000 followers in a short period of time.

Shumaila addresses the common problems girls face in our society. On what inspires her to take up topics like these, Moiz revealed, “Shumaila doesn’t really pick topics. She narrates what happens in her life and around her as it is and that’s why her audience can relate to her. All these social issues are lived realities of our lives. It affects all of us; in our homes and on the streets,” adding that the “primary purpose of his videos is entertainment,” and he’s glad that “social awareness became a by-product of it.”

Shumaila’s mini-series on relationships has gained wide popularity in particular and that’s because she thinks, “no individual should be forced to do something without their consent.”

“No forced rishtas in particular! That’s because marriages and relationships are so essential not just to the fabric of Pakistani culture but also for the well being of the two people involved, these decisions shouldn’t be taken rashly and out of the fear of ‘Time Nikal Raha Hai’ or ‘Achay Rishtay Roz Roz Nahi Atay’,” said Moiz.

Moiz further believes that the online entertainment industry is taken very seriously these days. “We have a deep cultural rooting in humour which is evident in the manner of how Moin Akhtar, Bushra Ansari and Hina Dalpazeer have ruled people’s hearts.

“So, when young entertainers take to online media, the audience loves it as long as the content is good and relatable. Also because social media is such a widely used medium, you do tend to find your niche audience no matter what,” said Moiz, adding, “I’ve received a lot of requests for endorsements, collaborations, and a TV show too. That shows how social media is becoming a strong contender as an entertainment medium.”

All in all, Moiz aka Shumaila wants to give this one message to the youngsters through her videos, “Make your decisions in an informed manner, respect and act on them.”


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