Published On: Tue, Jan 19th, 2016

Men over 30 are more fans of selfies than women


Mobile devices have made everyone fan of the selfie and posting a selfie later than age 40 is very much a global taboo, but a new research study states that more men over 30 are posting selfies on Instagram than women.

It was reported that the research group behind Selfiecity project that analyses thousands of Instagram pictures from New York, London, Berlin, Moscow, Bangkok and Sao Paulo, researched on 3,840 public photos — from which 640 photos were form each city — to discover that only four percent of the pictures on Instagram were in fact selfies.

The research study stated that in Moscow the selfies, which were tagged, more than 80 percent were taken by women as compared to Bangkok where only 55 percent were taken by women, where the guys were visibly more cool regarding snapping a nice pic to display the world.

In all the major five cities, Young women were the major posters of selfies. But female selfies were mostly plentiful, and the women were predominantly juvenile, in Moscow.

The research group united AI analysis employing the Orbeus ReKognition API with help from Amazon’s Mechanical Turks to make an effort to assist them set up the mood, pose and diverse characteristics, for example whether people are wearing glasses.

The research team discovered after joining diverse qualities that only three men in the dataset were aged over 40 resides in New York City and do not wear glasses.

The database displayed that all over the globe it’s happy or calm over grumpy, keeping our eyes open and our mouths closed.

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