Published On: Fri, Nov 27th, 2015

Miss Pakistan USA aims to bring to light Pakistani women



It is much difficult to become a heart favorite of all by just wearing crowns, expensive dresses, and stilettos. It needs much more and Sarish Khan is telling us accurately how she does it.

Sarish Khan, who is 26-year-old American beauty of Pakistani region, is the existing label owner of Miss Pakistan USA. She, who is the student at George Mason Law School in DC, not just signifies the sophisticated group of Pakistani beauties, but also their mental power on a worldwide podium.

It astonishes to identify that this combination of good looks and intelligence was a total unfamiliar to the word ‘pageant’ a few time back.

Sarish exposed that which thing stimulated her to struggle for the title. “I hadn’t seen a pageant in my life until I heard all the chatter about Nina Davuluri, the first Miss America of Indian descent to win the title,” she told.

That was the thing which direct her to imagine, “if a pre-med student can put India on a global platform then what’s stopping a Pakistani law student from the following suit?”

The wish to put her society’s females in an optimistic light, raised above the spheres of law, amusement and generosity, guide her to gaze for potential choices. That’s when she was initially got known to the title of Miss Pakistan USA.

Sarish was a vigorous associate of the South Asian society in DC and was conscious of the information that captivating the popular title would carry her to the additional tasks. “The moment they called up my name, I was familiar that my world was going to alter as my responsibilities would escalate tremendously,” she stated.

That was the moment which made her positioned even taller. “I am not only a beauty queen without a purpose,” stated Sarish whilst sharing, “I endeavor to bring to light the diversity and adversity in the Pakistani community, predominantly for females, in America, and around the world.”

She at present renders as a Women Empowerment Ambassador for a non-profit institution, Comprehensive Disaster Response Services. Formerly, she did work for USAID on an Education Crisis project in Karachi for approximately a year that concerned a few eye-opening practices in critical regions of Lyari and Korangi.

All the family and buddies were helping Sarish on her decision to take a part in the pageant. Even though she was gathered with some uncertainties, she handled to persuade them by her objectives. “I was capable of conquering their qualms by representing myself optimistically during the pageant,” she told.

Getting the award being a Muslim and a Pakistani in an American society hasn’t restricted her capability as she has got a devastating reaction from the public. “I’ve for all the time identified that I’m different. I’m Pakistani, I’m American, I’m Muslim, and I’m a woman. With each title, arrive its own responsibility,” she stated.

“My multiplicity is the power to endorse egalitarianism by each title I hold,” she further said.

There should not be any doubt in Sarish’s talent because she related to the family of renowned actors Sabiha Khanum and Santosh Kumar, her maternal grandparents. The pageant victor aims to pursue in their footsteps.

“I didn’t grow up dreaming of being an actor for the reason that my mother desired education to be my primary focus,” told Sarish.

“At the present, that I am going to conclude law school, I have begun getting acting classes here [US] and plan to break into the Pakistani amusement industry once I achieve some experience,” she further revealed.


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