Published On: Sat, Jul 30th, 2016

Mohib Mirza doesn’t care about criticism



Pakistani actor Mohib Mirza’s most recent cinematic release, Teri Meri Love Story, is soon to hit cinemas crosswise the country. The trailer has been released and the movie has not just been capable of collecting a lot of a response, with many spectators lamenting it’s a passé and unsurprising story.

This type of criticism is not new for Mirza. His earlier project, Bachaana, did make some cash at the box office but was mostly messy for being a bad movie in general.

Nevertheless, to the actor, who is the husband of model and actress Aamina Sheikh, criticism does not matter a lot. Mirza was stating in an interview that his selection of movies is cognizant. He told that “Yes, script and content do top the list but my main agenda is that I do not want to do heavy message-oriented films,” the Bachaana actor is not concerned in showing a mirror to society.

According to him, amusement relied upon the commercial cinema that as well has a memo fares best. He added , Our society is already stressed and our dramas thrive on negative portrayal of things.” His main precedence is that people come back to entertained from the cinema. He shared “Therefore, my career is headed towards films because I support content that has entertainment value,”


Mohib Mirza doesn’t care about criticism

Mirza began his career with theater and then transferred to telefilms. He told that “All the drama scripts I read were wrong, one-dimensional portrayals of men and women and I don’t agree with that. I openly say it.”

It does not illustrate that he does not have a reply for Teri Meri Love Story critics. He replied on a query regarding the trailer being expected, he added, “I think most stories are predictable. It’s just the way that they are told is different. Even dramas are predictable; we watch them for the way the story is told.”

He told that Teri Meri Love Story is not a fiesta movie. He said “It’s an easy-to-digest film and we should look at it like that.”

He is contented by his career scenario and is optimistic regarding where our cinema is going. He decided to carry on with more movies in the future, all “easy-to-digest ones”.

Mirza has mush knowledge of cinema and career aims and it appears to be at an aloof from his works for example SeedlingsDukhtar and even the imminent Arth 2.

He stated that “At one point I thought there would be no cinema in my life and my entire life will be spent doing nothing, but luckily that is not the case.”

Mirza is in addition discontented with the way our actors are dealt with. He said “Our people discriminate. We would appreciate someone like Nawazuddin Siddiqui but categories our own actors,” according to him, real admiration comes from people who come up to him on the streets, not movie critics or award ceremonies. “I know what people feel about my work and that’s what matters. Whether it’s Bachaana or Teri Meri Love Story, I know what entertainment I have given to my fans.” He added.


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