Published On: Tue, Sep 8th, 2015

Moroccans pay Tribute to Aylan Kurdi By Re-Enactment


GAZA: The world has not get over with the sadness and mourning of Syrian kid Aylan Kurdi’s demise, and Moroccans paid an unconventional tribute to innocent migrant whose body was washed ashore in attempt of refuge.

On the beach of Rabat, Dozens of Moroccans(journalists and artists) got in to the same position in which Aylan found on sea shore, marking it as a tribute to Aylan Kurdi .

Palestinian Tribute to Aylan

Tribute Aylan 5

Palestinian Tribute to Aylan

Palestinians on Gaza Strip, made a sculpture depicting Aylan Kurdi nearby the same spot where Israeli strike killed four Gazan children while they were playing football during last year.

Sculpture of Aylan

Palestine Tribute to Aylan

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