Published On: Mon, Dec 28th, 2015

Mothers shouldn’t discuss daughter’s fatness



Overweight is the most discussed issue in the contemporary era and it seems more concerned for the young girls because they are more conscious about their figures and fitness. But it is observed that mothers are more conscious about their daughter’s appearances, they suggest what to eat and what to avoid. A new research study recommended the mothers to not discuss their daughter’s obesity directly to them, if you want your daughter to shed a few pounds, better refrain from saying it in a lot of words and if you want then bring your own weight concerns into the discussion.

The study told that whereas talking about the issues related to diet and weight with their daughters, mothers should try to pinpoint their own weight-related troubles.

The research was conducted on a group of sixth, seventh and eighth-grade schoolgirls and their mothers to discover that how mothers should talk about weight issue with their daughters.

A researcher, Erin Hillard from the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, from the group, stated that “Generally, we found that for the daughters who were being encouraged to lose weight by their mothers, outcomes were worse if their mothers were not also discussing their own weight concerns.”

Hillard accepted that the findings from the research study as a whole recommended much regarding that what mothers should avoid to talking about than what they should. She further stated that “After all,” “the best outcomes were found with girls whose mothers were not engaging in either type of conversation.” She further added that the research findings illustrates and shed light on the difficulty of the problem of discussing with children regarding their weight and fatness as that it no further lead to the poor health effects in the long run.


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