Published On: Mon, Jun 29th, 2015

Mubasher Lucman’s Lie Busted By Wikileaks


Wikileaks has denied Pakistani anchor’s Mubasher Lucman’s claim that its founder Julian Assange had shared some details with him about MQM’s funding by Indians years ago.

A couple of days back, Mubasher Lucman tweeted asserting his opinion about MQM-India nexus and authenticating it with the reference of Wikileaks (Whistle blowing  Website) founder Julian Assange.

But right after the few hours of this tweet the Wikileaks replied with its official twitter account:

The anchor had also made a revelation on the same day about super model Ayyan Ali who is in Adiala Jail over money laundering charges. Lets wait and see, if this news is also fabricated or tuns out to be true.

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