Published On: Sun, Mar 6th, 2016

Municipality to start massive street cleaning drive in Makkah


MAKKAH : The Makkah municipality will launch a massive campaign to clean the main streets in all neighborhoods of the city, Makkah newspaper reported.

Makkah Municipality Service Deputy Secretary Abdulsalam Mashat said the cleaning drive will commence on Sunday.

“The campaign will last for six days. We will cover all neighborhoods of the city. The campaign involves all of the branch municipalities. Each municipality will clean one main street a day. That way five main streets will be cleaned each day of the campaign,” said Mashat.

He said the campaign includes a total of 250 workers and 40 different types of equipment.

“The campaign crew will work eight hours a day. The campaign also includes supervisors and inspectors monitoring the workflow and equipment. This is the first time the municipality has organized a street cleaning campaign on such a large scale. The municipality plans to run regular campaigns of such nature in the future,” said Mashat.

He said the campaign will start at 5 a.m. and finish at 1 p.m. The cleaning will include the sweeping of streets, washing of sidewalks and clearing of trashcans. The cleaning staff are fully-equipped and trained to use the equipment provided.

He also said it is the municipality’s responsibility to maintain the cleanliness and general appearance of the city.

“Maintaining a good appearance and cleanliness is an Islamic trait and it is merely our duty to ensure the cleanliness of Makkah. Pilgrims and tourists visit the holy city all year round. The municipality will continue running such campaigns to ensure that the city is always clean,” added Mashat.


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