Published On: Tue, Oct 4th, 2016

Music app lunch to connect musicians



You can find a lot of platforms for artists to give out their music in Pakistan but there are rare networking platforms which unite budding musicians and industry professionals. Jasir Abro, a film-maker and sound engineer has collaborated with Grocode, a marketing optimization agency, to connect the industry with hopeful artists. The cluster, which contains Abro, Grocode CEO Rishadullah Shaikh, Ali Kazmi and Rehan Baig, in recent times, came mutually to make a mobile application named Jambro.

Abro explained the app as “Tinder for musicians.” She was stating about the idea behind it, “We are trying to get the bedroom musicians out of their bedrooms and get them together in a community. For example, you are a guitarist and you want to create music so you need a group of your talent level. You will search the app and it will show you musicians available in your vicinity.”

The Jambro set hosted a pre-launch some weeks before which witnessed more than 70 musicians take part. Abro added “All musicians had a ball jamming together. It was like a party and everybody got a chance to play. Similarly, we plan to hold monthly jam sessions,”

Jambro in recent times experienced the app but aspire to release it by the end of Muharram. The design for the app began some years before but it was just recently that the speed rose up. She said “We have been discussing this idea for a couple years now. Recently, Shaikh told me he was making the app and wanted me on board so that’s how it all came together.”

Shaikh added about his take on the venture. “Recently, I moved close to Clifton and I thought how I would connect with other musicians in the locality. We had been talking about the idea for the app but that’s when it all came together,”

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