Published On: Tue, Aug 18th, 2015

Muslim woman denied to become a police officer, due to her hijab



A Muslims woman by the name of Ismahan Isse, left the Columbus Police Academy back in March when they initiated the ‘head scarf’ ban. According to the rules and ideals of the Columbus Police Division, they would like that the police officers need to be perceived as a nonpolitical, nonreligious organization and that the uniform should reflect that neutrality. Officials also said that scarves could pose safety problems.

The Mayor of Columbus, Michael B. Coleman backs the decision of Police Chief Kim Jacobs and goes on to say:

When officers go out into the community, they should be identified as Columbus police officers, not Muslim police officers, not Christian police officers, not Jewish police officers, not Hindus, Baptists or anything else,


Ms. Isee said at the time that it has always been a dream for her to become a police officer, but it is also important for her to wear her hijab as it is a symbol of her identity.


I want to remain myself,” said Ms. Isee


Now some people agree with the police officials and some don’t. I don’t. It is every person’s right if they want to become a police officer and on top of that to have be able to wear their religious clothing along with that. Whether it’s a hijab or a turban or the Jewish hat. What I also think is that the city of Columbus is getting a little outdated with their ideals or this ‘unified’ police force they want.

A model showing the newly designed uniform for Muslim woman in Edmonton, AB, Canada

A model showing the newly designed uniform for Muslim woman in Edmonton, AB, Canada


They should learn from other places in other North American cities where they have made accommodations for head scarves and other headwear, including Edmonton, Alberta, where they have designed a uniform with a hijab. In February, the sheriff in Harris County, Texas, said a Sikh officer would be allowed to wear his faith’s traditional turban and beard.


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