Published On: Sun, Jul 10th, 2016

Mustafa Zahid being blurred in Pakistan



Mustafa Zahid, the Pakistani singer, is still known as the front man of band Roxen but he has acquired an identity of solo playback singer cross the border.

Zahid was stating in an interview that “People think that I charge a lot or that I don’t want to work in Pakistan. All this is incorrect.” The Tere Mera Rishta singer further added that whatever has been offered to him in Pakistan he has accepted. “People don’t approach me as readily in Pakistan as they do in India.”

The singer is at present on a break in Sussex, England, where he is spending his summers playing cricket. Zahid, before departing, recorded a song, named Udaasian, for Feroze Khan and Sajal Ali’s imminent movie Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai, some local ventures he has dabbled with, of late.

Roxen’s subsequent album – which is being produced by Universal Music India – is approximately completed also, regardless of confronting numerous delays. Zahid further added that “It offers Roxen’s signature music, like what we did in our first album. However, our sound has matured, especially since Shahan Khan joined the band in 2010. It will have a taste of Roxen’s rock ’n’ roll, along with some Bollywood ballads,” Zahid continued that “I am a different entity in India and since people like to listen to my Bollywood stuff, I have to cater to them. Plus, albums don’t always do that well and at the end of the day, it is the Bollywood music that sells.”

Zahid will as well be producing the single for an imminent Bollywood movie, together with a solo album that he anticipates to release later than Roxen’s.

Thinking his solo escapades, one would not be astonished if that lands him in the problem with his band mates. Nevertheless, the 31-year-old is blessed with a concurring team of colleagues. He said “Initially, I would have to let go of many projects as I wanted to do them with Roxen. But then we decided that I would do my own thing until someone wanted to rope in the rest of the band as well.”

AwarapanMurder 3 and Shootout at Wadala under his belt, Zahid remained blurring by Coke Studio “They spoke to my manager for the sixth season, asking me to join. But I said that if they didn’t realise that I should be on it for six seasons, then I don’t want to do it,”

Zahid wants exclusivity, “I don’t want to do the regular kind of songs. I’ll do them my way,” he added “You know the amount of money I charge in India? I ask 30% of that in Pakistan. The only reason I can think of for people being hesitant to work with me is that I ask for extra amounts for production. I want it to be of a certain calibre,” Zahid continued by saying that “If you have five Bollywood songs and one Pakistani number on a playlist, our song sounds bad in comparison, even if it is a good one. Besides, you tell me, who will release my album in Pakistan?”


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