Published On: Wed, Jun 1st, 2016

Nails with woodegrain trend



Most of the women don’t like too much glitter on nails or the nails which have a lot of decorations, if you are that kind of girl then goes for woodgrain nails. The recent manicure fashion that is doing the surrounding is woodgrain manicure. Enthused by Stella McCartney’s spring compilation and curate by manicurist and designer Madeline Poole for a magazine, this manicure appears to be rather a striking previously with women who desire to have their nails minimalistic. They are not much showy, but simultaneously, it appears plain and fashionable.

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Here you have a few tips to provide your nails a wood-grain end.

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Tips to get the effect

  1. Choose on a base hue. If you step in for a gloomy shade, use two coats. If you go for a lighter shade, use no less than three coats consequently there is full murkiness.
  2. When you have applied the paint on your nails then let it dry for 20 minutes.
  3. When it is dried then select a different color that will leave well with your foundation coat.
  4. Apply a lean brush to use the grains. Just paint straight down lines on the peak of your base color. Don’t sketch them straight; in its place; to some extent paint slanting lines that look like wood grains.
  5. You can, actually, perform the detailing by putting triangles within the upright lines to provide it a natural feel.
  6. If you cannot paint with a thin brush then employ a drawing pen that has a thin brush tip. You can even employ protection pins or toothpick by just sinking them into the bottle and then use them on your nails.
  7. When you have completed painting your nails then employ an apex coat so that your grains don’t vanish.

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