Published On: Thu, Nov 26th, 2015

Naseeruddin Shah’s advice to Pakistani filmmakers



The Bollywood veteran actor, Naseeruddin Shah, recommend the movie makers of Pakistan.  He said, “Stop watching Bollywood movies”. These forceful words from a Bollywood experienced person showed that he wants to institute an exclusive individuality of regional filmdom.

He further said that “Pakistani directors always try to follow Bollywood and Bollywood always try to follow Hollywood, even the posters of our films are bad copies of Hollywood,” he pinpoints regarding the preference a pioneer unavoidably takes, over the one that merely pursues a track.  

This is Shah who is straightforward, truthful and a guide in his own right. It is he who will always there to guide you and who will never turn back to his words. He is, at the age of 66, has unbending force. He is that who has much to speak regarding Pakistan, his excitement for cricket, his assignation with theater and movie, and the most recent play Einstein he acted at the Faiz International Festival in Lahore.

Observing side by side of the climb spectators by the once declining regional movie industry, Shah, who has previously characterized in Pakistani movies Zinda Bhang and Khuda Ke Liye, senses Pakistani cinema ought to shape its own place in the world of entertainment. He continued with saying, “The biggest tragedy would be if Pakistani cinema continues producing bad copies of Bollywood, which they have been doing. I hope it finds its own identity and I have a feeling it will”.

He is recognized by his power-packed presentations and famous for how he adjusts his characters akin to a glove. He adjusts himself by steady self-reflection to make sure his enlargement as an actor is not spelled. Shah, who has done many movies in Bollywood, for example, Dirty Politics and Welcome Back this year, tells to his Pakistani fans, “I would like to apologize for the number of bad films I have done this year which, frankly, I thought would not get released. I will try to improve next time.”

It is censure over admiring comments for Shah, who senses the previous assists him assess his acting chops much than the last. He said, “Even I am personally honest and brutal in giving criticism. For instance, I told [filmmaker] Vishal Bhardwaj during the making of Omkara (an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Othello) to keep the end just like that of the play, but he changed it according to what Bollywood is desirous of.”

Even though he has been holding the bat in his innings as an actor.  A lot of populace does not familiar that Shah once dreamt of becoming a cricketer. “I was, in fact, good at cricket and was an all-rounder,” he reveals. And sharing his array of much preferred in the world of cricket is none other than the Pakistani very own Inzi. “My forever favorite is Inzamam-ul-Haq. The stylishness of his batting … I have never seen anything quite akin to that, and it was perceptive of Imran Khan to spot him. I am a huge fan of Imran as well. He was a luminous cricketer,” he states.

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