Published On: Sat, Jan 9th, 2016

National Action Plan


The National Action Plan was commenced by the government of Pakistan after the massacre attack by Tehrik-i-Taliban (TTP) on the Army Public School in the northwestern Pakistani city of Peshawar On 16 December 2014. It was established to clear out terrorism and to increase the ongoing anti-terrorist offensive in North West Pakistan. The plan, which includes foreign and domestic policy initiatives, received support from all over the country. It gave structure for the Twenty-first Amendment to the Constitution of Pakistan, which passed on 7 January 2015, to speed up the trial of military courts.

The 20-point National Action Plan on counter-terrorism was proclaimed by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in a televised address and it holds the following points.

  1. Implementation of death sentence of those convicted in cases of terrorism.
    2. Special trial courts under the supervision of Army. The duration of these courts would be two years.
    3. Militant outfits and armed gangs will not be allowed to operate in the country.
    4. NACTA, the anti-terrorism institution will be strengthened.
    5. Strict action against the literature, newspapers and magazines promoting hatred, decapitation, extremism, sectarianism and intolerance.
    6. All funding sources of terrorists and terrorist outfits will be frozen.
    7. The defunct outfits will not be allowed to operate under any other name.
    8. Establishing and deploying a dedicated counter-terrorism force.
    9. End to religious extremism and protection of minorities will be ensured.
    10. Registration and regulation of religious seminaries.
    11. Ban on the glorification of terrorists and terrorist organizations through print and electronic media.
    12. Administrative and development reforms in FATA with an immediate focus on repatriation of IDPs.
    13. The communication network of terrorists will be dismantled completely.
    14. Concrete measures against the promotion of terrorism through the internet and
    social media.
    15. No room will be left for the extremism in any part of the country.
    16. Ongoing operation in Karachi will be taken to its logical end.
    17. Balochistan government to be fully empowered for political reconciliation with complete ownership by all stakeholders.
    18. Action against elements spreading sectarianism.
    19. Formulation of a comprehensive policy to deal with the issue of Afghan refugees, beginning with the registration of all refugees.
    20. Reforms in criminal courts system to strengthen the anti-terrorism institutions including provincial CIDs.

Different law enforcement agencies arrested 32,347 people on diverse charges in 28,826 operations and PTA has confirmed more than 70 million SIM’s. Operation Zarb-e-Azb is in final stages and Karachi operation is also extended.  A little has been achieved but still a lot of implementation is required to completely eradicate terrorism from Pakistan.

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