Published On: Mon, Dec 14th, 2015

Natural way to combat flu and cold



It’s much difficult to deal with if you are got cold then some special preparations are significant. Whether the preparations, for instance, using dry fruits, quilts, sweaters, coats, mufflers, room heaters are doing brisk business.  There are some foods that also very beneficial to keep you warm.

Some common diseases of winter are cold and flu that brings discomforts. Now there are some remedies for this which can combat with these troubles. It is no doubt that natural cold and flu remedies are much famous as contemporary medicine has yet to bid a cure for these age-old illnesses. Whereas a few medications can avoid and curtail the length of flu, others offer just a short-term release.

Vitamin C has the capacity to combat with various kinds of diseases. It defends against symptoms of cold and increases immune system.

Seasonal oranges have the capacity to defend against the cold. One to two oranges a day are sufficient to supply vitamin C that controls the increase of the ordinary cold.

Winter is the season that comes up with hot chicken soup and we like it most than any other season. Sipping spoonfuls of it soothes inflammation and slipping into a warm bed afterwards gives superb comfort.

Hot tea is also beneficial especially green with the taste which you like more. This provides comfort to your throat and keeps you hydrated

A kitchen cooking herbal spice, Garlic, has the capabilities to combat against germ. It also averts colds. Chutney, which is prepared by garlic, green chillies, mint leaves and table salt, is tasty and helpful, similar to garlic pickle. Consuming it daily with lunch and dinner prevents colds and flu for the entire seasons. Salt water and garlic can also assist.

Breathing in steam, applying menthol is beneficial for nasal obstruction.

The homeopathic system is progressing in the sphere of phytotherapy; it can be beneficial for some people who are allergic to allopathic medicines.

Increase body temperature is a natural therapy to combat colds and flu which kills the viruses. The lofty temperature should be managed on the doctor’s recommendation.


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