Published On: Mon, Feb 22nd, 2016

NDP lands Roop Rai in Greenway Bi Election Arena


Roop Rai was once a radio host and now has been nominated by NDP for Calgary Greenway bi Elections



NDP announced their candidate for up coming election in Calgary Greenway Bi election, supposedly election will take place March 22, 2016. Calgary Greenway includes the neighbourhoods of Taradale, Coral Springs, Monterey Park, Abbeydale, and Applewood Park.

Ms. Roop Rai is former radio host and currently worked for Calgary McCall MLA and Minister, Hon. Irfan Sabir. She is very energetic and outspoken, she does not shy away from debating women empowerment.

We still have three other major parties yet to nominate their candidates, Liberal Party just change their date of nomination to February 24 from 29, PC Party will choose their candidate on February 27 and Wild Rose Party on March 5th.

For NDP it is going to be very tough to capture this long time PC constituency.

After what happened in Calgary Foothills where NDP party leader Premier Notley door knocked with veteran politician  Mr.Bob Hawksworth, with no win, Foothills is now Wild Rose constituency and is being held by Mr. Parsad Panda enjoying former premier Jim Prentice’s seat. Last May Provincial Elections was a history maker and giant killer. When NDP threw out PC rule after 44 years of PC dominance, but since then the honey moon period  seems to be over for NDP and today in  NDP sits at the bottom while ruling party Of  Alberta.

I must say luck played a major role in here as soon as NDP took power, Alberta went into deep recession, and with bad governance  arrogance of PC, NDP had they work cut out for them on top of that having a huge mandate in legislature mean’t nothing, as NDP have very inexperience team in caucus.

NDP is left to deal with huge deficit and recession to fight, Premier Notley may have nerves of steel, but having no money in treasury does not help.

In Calgary Greenway it is going to be challenge to win this seat for NDP and with Ms, Roop Rai is relatively new face in NE politics is not going help NDP , when other nomination candidates carry very impressive credentials in their pockets, especially Alberta Liberal’s both candidates, Khalil Karabni and Saima Jamal will give every one else a run for their money.



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