Published On: Sat, Feb 20th, 2016

Negative social media interactions may lead to street fights



A recent research study has recommended that away from giving a getaway, the negative social interactions that the disadvantaged youth experience in the neighborhood may get reproduced and even elevated in the social media.

Robin Stevens, a lead researcher of the study from the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Nursing, told that “Teens and young adults who are at the margins of society may have experiences in dealing with social media that others don’t. unluckily, what we found was that not only do they have to deal with negative social interactions in their neighborhoods, those interactions also seep into their online lives, sometimes in a larger, more problematic, way,”

The results cited online in the journal New Media & Society.

The research team organized interviews with thirty females and thirty males, who were 18 to 24 years old, regarding their social worlds and neighborhoods, both online and offline.

The results of the research study discovered a vibrant and somewhat relating interaction between a physical neighborhood and a digital neighborhood, where negative interactions are reproduced and enlarged online.

The contributors informed interviewers of the drama that occurs on social media, which is a consequence of living in a deprived neighborhood.

Researchers found that the physical negativity that these young people experience in their neighborhoods overflows to their lives on social media and that the contrary is also correct.

Stevens told that “Contributors said us that drama that begins out on social media can also manifest itself in serious, physical arguments on the streets,”

Stevens observed that “Social media is an amplified reflection of the real and digital neighborhoods in which they live,”

An exclusive benefit of social media is that it can be employed to carry people jointly and permit consumers to experience things they may not get a chance to.

Unfavorably, the research study discovered that social media can create anxieties amid people even worse, or at a minimum seem even worse.

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