Published On: Wed, Jun 17th, 2015

Nestle to burn Maggi Noodles worth of $50 million into Ashes


MN2Maggi Noodles Scandal that surfaced in India a couple of weeks back has compelled Nestle to take a big decision to restore its credibility and repute among the consumers.

The company has decided to burn these banned Maggi Noodles worth of $50 million into the ashes through the incineration process.

India’s food safety regulator has found too much concentration of lead in these noodles that is not in accordance with food safety law and highly health hazard.

MN3Nestle has also started to take back the product and from 38 distribution centres and 1400 distributors they have in India.

According to the additional details , there are eight Nestle factories operating in India and five out of these produce Maggi Noodles.

nestle will also have to bear the additional transportation costs of taking back the Maggi from market to the incineration process as this is not included in the broader estimate of $50 million.

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