Published On: Wed, Jun 8th, 2016

New drug shrinks tumor



The latest drug that straps up the immune system to assail tumors has been discovered extremely useful against advanced bladder cancer in an international clinical trial.

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Injections of the tested agent atezolizumab were discovered to contract tumors by as a minimum 30 percent and stop new tumor development in 28 of 119 patients.

Though, all had got the medication as their first therapy for the disease.

Arjun Balar, who is the lead researcher and medical oncologist and Assistant Professor at New York University Langone Medical Center in the US, stated that “Our new study results argue that atezolizumab represents a major advance in the treatment of bladder cancer,”

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Component of the latest class of drugs identified as checkpoint inhibitors, atezolizumab, also recognized by its brand name, Tecentriq, was previous month accepted by the US Food and Drug Administration relied on new research from a pertaining clinical trial cited in 2015.

Balar further added that “Atezolizumab is the first therapy to be approved in more than three decades for this disease, and it is the new standard of care for patients whose initial therapy with platinum-based chemotherapy drugs has failed,”

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He stated that “Indeed, it may be the only therapy some patients need,”

The present “first-line” standard of care in bladder cancer, Balar added, is cisplatin, a drug that destroys tumor cells by averting them from revamping harm to their DNA.

Furthermore, Atezolizumab was well endured by all the patients in the present research study, which was organized in medical centers crosswise the United States, Canada, and Europe, Balar told.

A few checkpoint inhibitors were previously accepted to take care of other kinds of cancer and are planned to “retrain the immune system” and to assault tumor cells by overcrowding the act of proteins which is considered to assist cancer cells in avoiding gratitude by the immune system, Balar added.

Patients accounted comparatively mild examples of fatigue, itchy skin, and diarrhea, which displayed far fewer and less-severe side effects than witnessed with cisplatin or its ordinary substitute, carboplatin, Balar stated.

As the fraction of the research, all 21 patients still in cancer reduction persist to be checked, with a few possessing constant to get atezolizumab since the research began in May 2014.

However, the results of the research were cited at the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) in Chicago.


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