Published On: Tue, Jun 28th, 2016

New molecular-based method can detect mycobacterial pathogens



A new research study reveals that a novel molecular-based method can discover mycobacterial pathogens — which can be a reason for tuberculosis — a lot rapidly than the culture-bases methods that employed to take numerous weeks.

Mycobacterium tuberculosis is the causal agent of tuberculosis — a possibly grave infectious bacterial disease that mostly affects the lungs — and was accountable for the death of almost 1.5 million people globally in 2014.

The team researched over 6,800 patient samples to inspect molecular-based techniques for the discovery of mycobacterial pathogens. The researchers made a diagnostic algorithm notice mycobacteria straightforwardly from the patient sample employing genetic analysis. As much mycobacteria develop at a very sluggish speed, the tests relied on bacteria cultures were time-consuming and took a number of weeks to accomplish. The succeeding vulnerability test to conclude the suitable medicine as well employed to take one to two weeks.

The results illustrated that employing the molecular discovery techniques, many patients recognize later than one or two days if they have an infection with tuberculosis pathogens or with nontuberculous mycobacteria — which can activate pulmonary infections, lymph node infections and skin diseases in patients with cooperated immune systems. The novel molecular-based techniques were discovered to be like as exact as the long culture-based methods. Furthermore, the molecular study creates it probable for the initial time to also notice the nontuberculous mycobacteria straightforwardly from the patient sample in only some hours.

This illustrates that appropriate therapeutic measures can as well be commenced very rapidly, the researchers added.

If the patient has a tuberculosis infection, an additional molecular analyze is performed to examine vulnerability to the chief tuberculosis drugs “rifampicin” and “isoniazid”.

Peter Keller from the University of Zurich in Switzerland stated that “This also showed that the molecular-based method reliably predicts the culture-based resistance results. It is possible to obtain certainty much sooner of whether the therapy with standard medicines chosen is likely to be successful”,


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