Published On: Mon, Oct 5th, 2015

The curious case of Qandeel Baloch!


You might not know her by name, but her videos might just have appeared on your timeline every now and then. Good or bad, Qandeel Baloch is making a name for herself on social media.


- Is Aqandeel Baloch the new Tahir Shah__ -





And if you criticize her videos and post comments bashing her, she responds back and asks you questions about them.
Also, trust her to upload a video when there’s a blackout and her generator does not work:-
Occasionally, every now and then, she does upload a video to ask you what’s up, in her unique style and accent!
If you’re her follower on Facebook, you’ll know instantly when she’s sick and has a burning temperature. Here’s how.
Qandeel Baloch has certainly been making herself ‘popular’ on Facebook. We hope you also enjoy her videos on social media and get intrigued by her unique personality and funny accent.

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