Published On: Mon, Apr 18th, 2016

Nice catch! The incredible moment a gymnastics coach saves a student, 11, from serious injury, grabbing her a split-second before she hits the mat headfirst following a botched routine

  • Gymnastics coach, identified as only Vitali, makes miraculous catch when student, who is believed to be 11-year-old Caidance, slips from bars
  • Caidance, from the Gym Magic Gymnastics Club in Canada, was on uneven bars when she lost grip and the coach caught her in air
  • Coach then flipped them both over in order to protect her head and neck 
  • Incident happened as student was warming up at Ontario Championships

A gymnastics coach made an incredible save after he caught a female student mid-air just seconds before she almost hit the mat headfirst.

During a warm-up at the Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Ontario Championships, a female athlete was practicing her routine on the uneven bars.

But midway through her routine the student, who is believed to be 11-year-old Caidance, appeared to lose her grip on the bar and her coach, who has only been identified as Vitali, stepped in to catch her before she was hurt.

The video shows the gymnast, who is a student at Gym Magic Gymnastics Club in Canada, performing her routine as other athletes practice in the background.

Three people, including Vitali, surround the uneven bars to spot in case of a potential fall.

As the gymnast leapt from the lower bar to the higher, she went into a handstand split mid-air.

She looped around the higher bar but appeared to lose her grip and slipped off.

Just seconds before she almost hit the ground headfirst, her coach caught her and flipped them both over to protect her head and neck against the impact with the mat.

Gym Magic Gymnastics posted to their Facebook page: ‘Our amazing coach Vitali won an award at Provinicals too for Best Catch Ever! We are thankful to have such great coaches at Gym Magic!’

The gymnastics club congratulated Caidance in an earlier post saying: ‘Caidance did an awesome job at Provincials competing as a Level 6 age 11.

‘Caidance placed 9th on beam (9.550) bars placed 6th ( 9.300) Way to pull it together and show off when needed!! We are proud of you!’

The two made a safe landing and they both walked away uninjured.

The athlete is believed to have placed sixth on the bars in her age division competing at a level six, which means she was competing at the entry level for optional competition.

Optional levels are levels where each gymnast has a different routine, so they aren’t judged on the specifics of the routine, but instead judged based on the skills they perform and the overall level and performance of the routine.


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