Published On: Tue, Sep 27th, 2016

Nishtar Park releases debut single ‘Kuttay’


KARACHI: Karachi-based rock band Nishtar Park released its single, Kuttay, marking the debut of the seven-member group.

Nishtar Park’s music can be defined as indie, rock n’ roll and fusion. The song can be accessed via

About the band

The band mates, now students at IBA, NED and Szabist, started playing together back in 2010 while they were studying at St. Patrick’s High School in Karachi. The group was previously called ‘EMB’, something along the lines of early morning inspiration for boys. In December 2015, they reconfigured the lineup and renamed the band to ‘Nishtar Park’.

‘Nishtar Park’ comprises seven members who have the following roles:

Ali Raj – vocals

Ahsun Tariq – rhythm guitars

Mikhyle Anthony – lead guitars

Vernon Arthur – bass

Shane Anthony – drums/percussions

Arnold Anthony – drums/guitars

Abdullah Ibrahim – keys/tabla

Since all the members draw their influences from a wide range of artists, acts and style, through their music they aim to find common ground between what they are capable of where they are coming from.

About the song

Kuttay is a nazm penned by iconic leftist intellectual Faiz Ahmed Faiz. It is part of his first book,Naqsh-e-Faryadi, which was published in 1941.


In his book Poems by Faiz, British Marxist historian Victor Gordon Kiernan writes, “The opening couplet parodies that of a poem of Iqbal, The Prayer of Tariq–the Muslim conqueror of Spain. Iqbal’s warriors of the faith are endowed with zeal for religion (zauq-e-khudai), Faiz’s mongrels with zeal for cadging (zauq-e-gadai).” Like most of Faiz’s works, Kuttay too has a socially conscious element to it.

The song also includes two verses, highlighting the contrast between the two works of literature, from the aforementioned Iqbal poem.

While the composition and tabla playing keep the sound very Eastern, the arrangement on the whole leans towards a Western influence.

“We always complain about how our industry today has nothing to offer other than commissioned, formula music. Hence with our music we have tried to keep things simple and organic that will surely click with the listeners,” says Ahsun Tariq.

“Given Faiz’s own popularity, Kuttay is a famous work of his that has in the past been rendered by numerous artists. While the lyrics sound angry and distressed, we have experimented with our treatment of the poem,” says Shane Anthony.


Kuttay had been in the works for several months. Due to a lack of resources and seeing the state of the industry, we were earlier not too keen on recording. However, with the arrival of platforms such as Patari, we brought together whatever resources we had (read: no money) and pieced the song together,” says Ali Raj.

“We actually have quite a few originals in the making. We have a lot of hopes with Kuttay,” says Mikhyle Anthony.

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