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Noor Jehan: The name of Melody



Noor Jehan is the name of melody which can mesmerize the listeners. She has the magical voice which has the ability to captive listener’s mind. She sang so many songs and gazals. One of her ghazals was mostly liked by the audience, not even in Pakistan, but it crossed the boundaries. The tale starts when the poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz released from prison from the Pakistani jail. Noor Jehan mostly called Madamji, she was standing outside the jail and looking for the poet. Faiz, who was used to listen to her songs on the radio, requested her to sing.

She sang a song from the nazm Mujh Se Pehli Si Mohabbat Mere Mehboob Na Maang. She composed a tune for it on the spot without the use of any musical instrument. The quality of rhythm was fascinated by everyone. Faiz would afterward tribute her as the co-author of his poem because he supposed no one could sing it with such excellence.

After that the song was filmed for Qaidi (1962) it further cemented her ownership of it. It became hit and praised by listeners because she had the quality to sing both in high and low but her voice never once weakened.

The fame of the song crossed the border. When rhymester Majrooh Sultanpuri rented one line from the nazm, “Teri aankhon ke Siva Duniya Mein Rakha kya hai,” and twisted it into a hit song for the film Chiraag (1969).

In a rare audio recording, Faiz himself recites his free-flowing poem, but he sounds like a poet reading to a very private audience. Noor Jehan the chanteuse takes it to the public and makes it unique each time she does so.

Once she was refrained to sing a song by Pakistani officials at a charity event. She was surprised that it was from a famous poem and she had composed the tune herself then she refused to go with them and sing any song. Why were they against the song? She sang the song and it became very popular. The first time they heard it and the whole audience stood up.

She was received with Geat honor by Dilip Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar in 1982. Dilip Kumar introduced her on stage in pure Urdu saying, “You are a cultural asset of Pakistan, but the magic of your voice is universal”



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