Published On: Fri, Sep 30th, 2016

Not all Pakistanis are cowards like Nawaz Sharif: Imran tells Modi


During his speech, Chairman PTI Imran Khan compared Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif with Pharaohs and former Egyptian military leader Hosni Mubarak.


He said the staff of residence of the PM, Jati Umra, which is constructed at the cost of Rs600 million, was double the staff of US White House.

“How did PM’s daughter Maryam Nawaz Sharif bought a flat in London, when she did not have money with her as per her statement. It is written in Nawaz’s tax return document that Maryam had no source of income,” he said.

You can see Nawaz Sharif’s documents where he showed Maryam as his dependent, he said.

“People power can beat Pharaohs like they did in the case of Shah Iran and Hosni Mobarak. They (rulers) are spending billions on their security to save ill-gotten wealth. With all the due respect, we ask Supreme Court to take notice of corruption,” he said.

The PTI chief said Nawaz Sharif should be ashamed, if he wanted to live like a king he should spend his own money for that. Why was he spending from public money.

Listen to son of PM Hassan Nawaz’s statement now where he said, his sister owned an offshore company, he said while showing a video clip on a big screen.

He accused Nawaz Sharif of lying on the floor of assembly regarding the flats and offshore firms owned by his family members.
“Listen to PM’s speech, he says no money was sent abroad while Hussain Nawaz said money was sent from Pakistan,” he said adding that Hussain Nawaz has said his sister owned an offshore company.
Imran said when your PM does corruption, he ruins the institutions of Pakistan and eventually the country.
“Today west is ahead of us only because their institutions are so strong. Western countries will put their PM in jail if they get proof of this level against their PM,” he said.
Imran Khan claimed that Nawaz Sharif filled country’s top institutions like PCB, PEMRA, PTV and SBP with his cronies.
Narendra Modi
Now I turn towards the other prime minister from across the border, Narendra Modi.
“I believe in peace, not war. When United States bombarded Afghanistan and Iraq, I stood against them. I stood against our Army’s intrusion in Waziristan,” he said.
Party supporters across the country are heading towards Raiwind for the march to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with their leader Imran Khan.
He said it was very important for the subcontinent that we all supported each other and flourish our economies. Both the nuclear-armed neighbors should never think of a war.
He said Modi has proved that he is a prejudiced Indian and not a statesman.
“I want to tell Modi that not all pakistanis love money like Nawaz Sharif does. I want to tell Modi that not all the Pakistanis are coward like Nawaz Shairf.
“Narendra Modi listen to me carefully, the whole Pakistani nation is united. You cannot silence Kashmiris’ voice with guns.”
Imran said India will have to give Kashmiris their rights which they are entitled to.
He said if it were Christians or any other community in place of Kashmiris, he would have stood by them as well.
The PTI chief said he was hurt when our tribal people were attacked on directions of foreign elements.
“I saw my country being enslaved to American policies,when I spoke against that, I was labelled ‘Taliban Khan’. I say it blatantly, (Pervez) Musharraf did a criminal offense to send troops in
Afghanistan while protecting US interests. I will never let my nation be enslaved to any other countries policies,” he said.
He said Modi said he will isolate Pakistan. We will generate such enormous revenue from Pakistan that the country would not need to beg debt from others.
“The biggest gift from Allah (SWT) on a human is Imaan (belief). Imaan, liberates a human being from all the fears,” he said.
He cited examples from Islamic history in which small group of people defeated big powers like Persian and Roman empires.
Imran accused Nawaz had given money to two channels against him.
The PTI chief has given Nawaz ultimatum of Muharram to present himself for accountability.
He said no public gathering will be held now against Nawaz Sharif but some other action would be taken. We would not let you Mr PM let govern anymore after Muharram, we will paralyze the govt.
“Get ready to go to Islamabad. We will proceed to shut Islamabad after Muharram.”

Imran Khan had called a meeting of the party’s central leadership at 11.00 am today at his Zaman Park residence to finalize the content of the chairman’s speech.

Imran Khan, speaking to media in Lahore on Thursday, said that the party’s march towards Raiwind will be historic. Khan termed his march as “Dharna Plus”. He went on to say that the corrupt mafia is destroying the country.

He also said that he will give a befitting reply to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi with regard to prevailing tensions between Pakistan and India. “We will give Modi those answers which PM Sharif failed to give,” he claimed.

The organizers of the protest are giving final touches to the arrangements of the PTI political show, which will take place at Adda Plot, around five kilometres’ away from the prime minister’s residence Raiwind Palace.

PTI holding the march to exert pressure on the government to present the prime minister for accountability over the Panama Leaks controversy.

Senior PTI leaders including Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Pervez Khattak, Naeem-ul-Haq and Awami Muslim League President Shaikh Rasheed Ahmed are expected to address the rally apart of the PTI chairman.

Opposition parties Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) and Pakistan Muslim League – Quaid (PML-Q) have distanced them from the PTI’s Raiwind march.

Lahore High Court on Thursday dismissed the petition seeking ban on the Raiwind event, near the family residence of the prime minister. Court granted a conditional permission to the organizers provided the march remains peaceful without creating a situation of the law and order.

The court also asked Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s provincial government to provide well-designed and foolproof security to the participants of the march. Police in Punjab must not harass or arrest any worker or activist of PTI without any charges, the LHC said on Thursday in its judgment.

The court clarified that those who will try to disrupt peace and violate legal parameters during the march should then be dealt accordingly.

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