Published On: Tue, Jun 23rd, 2015

Obama urges US citizens to defeat racial discrimination


WASHINGTON: US President Barack Obama has confessed that Blacks are still considered or seen as slaves and unfortunately US history is full of this practice that persists even now.

Obama CharlestonReferring to the Charleston Church Shooting, Obama stated that despite all progress and development, we could not get rid of racial discrimination and failed to change the mindset on this issue, US will have to defeat racial discrimination at any cost.

States President advised his fellow citizens that not to use word ‘negro’ because it is deemed insulting among the blacks, so it would be better to avoid this word publicly.

Moreover, he explained that this hatred for black is some 200 years old that cannot be ended up overnight.

The views presented by Barack Obama in the wake of last week’s incident of Charleston Shooting in which a white teenager attacked historic African-American Church and killed nine innocent blacks there.

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