Published On: Mon, Aug 31st, 2015

OBL is Still Alive and on CIA’s Payroll, claims Edward Snowden


MOSCOW: Ex US Intelligence official Edward Snowden has claimed that World’s most Wanted Man Osama Bin Laden is still alive and enjoying a lavish lifestyle on American intelligence agency CIA’s payroll in Bahamas.

These revelations were made by ex official of US’ National Security Agency during his interview to Moscow Tribune recently as quoted by

Edward Snowden OBL

Snowden says that his claims are based on some classified documents  he possessed that prove that Osama was still receiving  above $100,000 per month from CIA till 2013 when he was there as NSA.

Former NSA officer also claimed that CIA with the help of Pakistani Secret Services orchestrated fake death drama of Osama bin Laden while he with his family were transported to an unknown place in Bahamas.

Edward Snowden OBL 2

He also stated during the interview that documents proving OBL is still alive will be integrated in his new book that is going to be released in September 2015.

Edward Snowden is living under asylum in Russia since 2013 after fleeing away from US due to disclosing classified documents of American Spy agency NSA’s surveillance program.

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