Published On: Tue, Nov 3rd, 2015

Once Again ‘Faisal Qureshi’ and ‘Ushna Shah’ will play Together.


The Pakistani drama serial star ‘Faisal Qureshi’ who is the apple of everyone’s eye and well famous as a ‘Basher Momin’ and her co-star ‘Ushna Shah’ both have already seen in the super doper hit drama serial ‘Basher Momin’ are going to give another Tv serial to Pakistani drama Industry with the name of ‘Bheegi Palkain’.

This drama is actually based on the story of a widow (Ushna shah) who is extremely beautiful and the drama tells about her life problems which she have to face the sudden accidental death of her husband and the problems which are getting create are from by her sister in law.

Her sister in law, who is strongly jealous just because of her (Ushna) natural beauty and she (sister in law) always try to make allegations on her (Ushna). Because She (sister in law) knows that Ushna had once childhood lover.

Actually the Fiance of Ushna’s sister in law, who is totally like unaware from manners and with no studies and very open mouth person , is getting interested in (Ushna) just because of her politeness and beauty and this also become a firing reason to Ushna’s sister in law.

So the fiance of Ushna’s sister in law is the none of other ‘Faisal Qureshi’, and when ‘Faisal’s part will get start then the drama will create interest like fire and the real opening.

Just beause Faisal will break his engagement with Ushna’s sister in law just behind the reason of Ushna’s beauty and also the reason behind his interest is Ushna’s depressing Personality which was generated after her Husband death.


So talking to Press, Faisal and Ushna both shared that they will give this time also a super duper hit Family drama Serial like they done with ‘Basher Momin’.

And they also shared that the people will more fall into their love after watching this Serial.

Exclusive Story By Abdullah Khan

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