Published On: Thu, May 5th, 2016

One shouldn’t put barriers on actors: Iman Ali



Iman Ali, the eminent Pakistani Model-turned-actor who has also spread her magic on silver screen, has spoken up regarding the working in Bollywood.

She was telling in a recent interview about her opinions on Pakistani actors like Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan who are working across the border.

The Khuda Ke Liye star stated as, “Everyone should follow their dreams and aspiration. If our actors are doing well in Bollywood, why not? One should not put barriers on actors; mankind has forever been putting barriers up. It has not done any good to mankind anyways,”

The actor of upcoming Mah-e-Mir stated that “We should start thinking like a human being and let people be. I think whatever they want to do, good for them. As long they are not going to India and like some people who made a fool of themselves – and there have been some – as long as they are not bringing shame to the nation, even that we shouldn’t take it personally. It’s their choice. They are not responsible for entire Pakistan if they want to make a fool of themselves” she further added that “I am really happy for the ones who are doing good for themselves. All the best to them,”

iman-mah e mir

Iman, yet, hasn’t any plan to debut in Bollywood because she believes that everything occurs at the right time. She added, “I don’t think and plan. I think there are a divine plan and a divine planner in this existence of ours,”

She continued by saying that “We can do the best that we can, with whatever that is thrown our way. Planning doesn’t work for me because I believe in the divine plan and that’s the design I want to go with. So wherever the force takes me, I shall go and be the best that I can,”

Whereas her Mah-e-Mir co-star Fahad Mustafa considers that “Indian movies are going to a set formula” and Pakistani film industry has enough room to be experimented.


The Na Maloom Afraad star further added that “Pakistani film industry is the place to be. Our industry and cinema are young. People are willing to experiment. Indian films are going for set formula,”

He further stated that “I produce a lot of films and I think our people are very intelligent and talented to come out with different films. All kind of films are being made and we are evolving every day. It is a huge market right now,”

Mah-e-Mir is going to release on 6 May crossways Pakistan.

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