Published On: Mon, Apr 18th, 2016

One Small Mistake Of This Man Gives Him Big Losses He Had Never Ever Expected In His Wildest Dreams!


Just because of a single code error, the entire company of the man got deleted. Marco Marsala, the hosting provider accidentally told the computer to delete everything in the server. The traces of his company as well as websites have been deleted.

Server fault

On a forum, Mr. Marsala called for server experts and stated that he was stuck since the destructive code was accidentally run on the computers. However, instead of giving him an advise, the experts informed that the data of the company and clients was accidentally deleted by him. The entire company was deleted in 1 line of code.

Problem command!

“rm-rf” was the problem command. This is a basic code that deletes everything. With ‘rm’ the computer is told to remove. With ‘r’ everything is deleted in a given directory. On the other hand ‘f’ means ‘force’ that informs computers to ignore usual warnings which come while deleting files. With this, everything on the PC was deleted by the code, including the customer websites.

Know more about Mr. Marsala!

Basically he runs a web hosting company which looks after internet connections and servers on which websites and files are stored. The code is so destructive that it can destroy everything. Normally, it wipes of specific parts pointed out. He has around 1535 customers and uses Ansible for automating operations for running on servers. He accidentally ran this bash script with rm -rf {foo}/{bar} with undefined variables. He also confirmed that with the code backups have been deleted. Now it is unlikely that he can recover any data. Recovering the company would take a lot of time and it is going to be expensive. People responded to his post but instead of helping him they told him to call a lawyer as his business was dead.

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