Published On: Sat, Jan 9th, 2016

Oral contraceptive does not associate with birth faults


A recent research study revealed that the consumption of oral contraceptive merely prior to pregnancy is not linked with an augmented peril of major birth faults.

The study further pinpoints that while oral contraceptive are broadly consumed and much useful; approximately nine percent of women become pregnant in the initial year of consumption for the reason that of omitting a dose, taking the pill with other medications, or illnesses.

The results of the study disclosed that “women who have a breakthrough pregnancy during oral contraceptive use or even (those who) intentionally become pregnant within a few months of stopping oral contraceptive use (because) any exposure is unlikely to cause her fetus to develop a major birth defect,”

To inspect the connection between oral contraceptive consumption about the time of conception, and into pregnancy, by foremost birth faults, the research group of US and Danish investigators accomplished a huge potential observational research study.

The entire live births, birth faults, and motherly medical states were analyzed from numerous national Danish medical registries between 1997 and 2011.

The ultimate investigation found out that 880,694 live born infants, 2.5 percent of whom had a main birth fault, for example an orofacial cleft or limb defect, in the initial year of life

Findings from the study revealed no increased risk of any major birth defect associated with oral contraceptive exposure.

The dominance of main birth faults, per 1, 000 births, was regular around every faction of people that the research investigators measured — 25.1 percent for never users, 25 percent for oral contraceptive consumption more than three months prior to pregnancy, 24.9 percent for oral contraceptive consumption within three months prior to pregnancy, and 24.8 percent for oral contraceptive consumption later than pregnancy.

This research study was cited in the journal The BMJ.

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