Published On: Sat, Jul 23rd, 2016

Original songs are necessary


sajad ali

There is no naysay in confessing that once childhood celebrities, have now become experienced persons and once childhood fans, have now become husbands and wives. Regardless of the altering times, what attaches them jointly is their liking of the good days; when the ex-ruled and the concluding worshiped. This fiction with wistfulness is supposed by their just subsequent generation like a fascination with the past, a little that the mommies and daddies require to “move on” from. Nevertheless, it is the millennials who have tolerated the burden of not being able to fulfill hope.

Sajjad Ali is also two sons and two daughter’s father and a mentor to two generations of musicians. He is stiff that different the numerous niggling parents of the industry; he has the key to the big query.

He was stating in an interview “Junoon, Awaz and I got popular because of original songs not covers,” he further stated that “Why would anyone remember or even acknowledge your presence if you’re singing or producing what has already been done by so many people so many times.”

From the latest Nakhun to Na Tum Samjhay, Ali has included in some artists who have released original songs on a usual basis.

However his latest Coke Studio outing Tum Naraz Ho, one that launched him to a new age group, on the whole, was a cover up song also. He added “It was my own song plus a song that many people hadn’t listened to before,”


He has performed in Coke Studio and he thinks that the show’s audio and video production at average is the best in the subcontinent. The mere side, he considers, that can be perked up is much original content. He continued further “They produce 90% cover songs and that is disappointing. That’s the only point where I disagree with their philosophy. I mean it’s good to preserve your folk traditions but not at the expense of wasting or not discovering fresh talent.”

He was as well bid to create an episode of Coke Studio 9 which he rejected by saying that newcomers must get an opportunity. He told “Even if it has to be, I’d produce an entire season of Coke Studio and not just one episode. Episodes are for young guns and not for veterans.”

He in recent times inaugurated Sajjad Ali’s Masterclass, a series of online lectures for forthcoming singers and musicians. What has begun with a vocal training lesson will ultimately cover audio production, songwriting, mixing and a lot of other facets of music training in general.

He said “There are a number of things that are no longer applicable and are being taught to upcoming musicians. There’s a lot that can still be learned.” It is an effort to assist newcomers to discover their exact calling by hitting to traditional ways of guidance, up till now breaking away from them.

He further added that “Even some of your professional singers make glaring mistakes while singing and they’re not aware of it. Everyone tries to imitate another known singer without recognizing his or her own strength.”

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