Published On: Mon, Oct 17th, 2016

Outrage pours in as woman sexually assaulted on live TV


Outrage pours in as woman sexually assaulted on live TV

Kim Kardashian lookalike shocked after man kisses her breasts after she refuses to kiss him on TV

A woman was left mortified when a man kissed her breasts on TV after she refused to give him ‘victory’ kiss.

French TV viewers were left outraged at what they were seeing with many calling the incident ‘sexual assault’ during a show where a French TV presenter tried to break a record by being on air for 35 hours.

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The woman, called Soraya, took part in a game show skit which was a parody of the recent horrific gunpoint robbery which saw Kim Kardashian bound and gagged as millions of pounds worth of jewellery were stolen from her in Paris.

Cyril Hanouna was trying to break the record on 35HoursOfBaba on Friday morning, and during a skit where Kim K lookalike Soraya was bound and put in a bath, she was later rescued by panellist, Jean-Michel Maire, who acted as the locksmith.

Show host Hanouna reportedly suggested that Soraya should give Maire a victory kiss for saving her.

Despite footage showing Soraya refuse to kiss him several times, Hanouna tries to encourage her as he said: “Just a little peck on the cheek.”

As Soraya turns her cheek, Maire dips his head to kiss her breasts.

Outrage pours in as woman sexually assaulted on live TV

The shocking moment sparked over 250 complaints to The Superior Council of Audiovisual (CSA), the French organisation which regulates TV and radio.

While others vented on social media in disgust: ”Soraya has already had to say she didn’t want to be kissed — what the other a****** decides to do is kiss her breasts.”

Another added: “It’s called sexual assault”.

Buzzfeed reports that C8, who broadcast the show, have declined the opportunity to comment on the alleged sexual assault and Maire is yet to publicly speak about the incident.

But the channel did reportedly state that Hanouna did request that Maire apologised for his behaviour.

French law states that sexual assault is any sexual act that involves violence, coercion, threat, or surprise and can be punishable by a five year prison sentence as well as a €75,000 fine.

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