Published On: Tue, Mar 15th, 2016

Outside the gender Matrix


The Matrix director, formerly known as Andy Wachowski, has come out as trans, and is now Lilly Wachowski

Andy Wachowski has come out as trans

In 1999, the world was captivated by The Matrix, a cyberpunk sci-fi action thriller that managed to tell a riveting action story full of industry-transforming special effects and visual techniques while also managing a much larger high-concept theme that seriously discussed philosophy and the nature of reality


The world was then introduced to the directors behind it, Larry and Andy Wachowski, then known as the Wachowsky Brothers

Andy Wachowski has come out as trans

Larry, however, identified as transgender as well, and so became Lana Wachowski in 2012. She was awarded the Human Rights Campaign’s Visibility Award that year

Andy Wachowski has come out as trans

And now Andy’s identified as transgender as well, and will be known as Lilly in future.

Andy Wachowski has come out as trans

Discussion about the Wachowski siblings in an ideal world would centre around the complex, consistently interesting work they bring us; but in this one, they also need to be congratulated for moving gender discussions forward and helping other trans people both feel more confident

Andy Wachowski has come out as trans

Amazon’s award-winning show Transparent is a huge step forward in the entertainment world, and we hope real-life public figures like the Wachowskis will help move the world towards greater equality and universal rights as well


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